1. Leading Practices on Disability Inclusion - Publication of the Week

    Leading Practices on Disability Inclusion Cover

    From its humble beginnings in 1945 to today’s groundswell of supporters, National Disability Employment Awareness Month’s (NDEAM) mission has been to raise awareness about disability employment issues, while at the same time celebrating the momentous achievements of American workers with disabilities. 

    In recognition of NDEAM, we have chosen the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Leading Practices on Disability Inclusion as our Publication of the Week. While some businesses are apprehensive to employ people with disabilities, this publication provides a sharp contrast, highlighting the numerous businesses and multi-billion corporations utilizing strategies to create a more inclusive workforce. 

    To that effect, the publication showcases a plethora of successful business that incorporate disability in all diversity and inclusion practices. From the CEO of a Fortune 100 company down to a small mom and pop store on Main Street, more and more employers are understanding the importance of recruiting, hiring and maintaining the best talent, regardless of disability.

    This eye-opening publication is the perfect resource of NDEAM. Companies like AT&T, Ernst & Young, Verizon and others can’t be wrong: workers with disabilities are ready and willing to work and can make an immediate impact in any job in any setting!

  2. ODEP’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month - Website of the Week

    ODEP's NDEAM webpage screen shot

    Happy National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)! Ok, ok, ok… it may not be October 1st yet, which is the official launch of the NDEAM campaign, but we’re already looking ahead to tomorrow. That is why we have selected as our Website (Webpage) of the Week the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy’s (ODEP) NDEAM webpage.

    Stocked full of great information, resources and ideas to help spread the word on NDEAM, the page provides everything you possibility need and more to celebrate and participate in this year’s campaign.

    So, take some time to browse the webpage and get on board with the countless number of people, organizations and agencies celebrating NDEAM and recognizing the significant achievements and contributions of American workers with disabilities.

    Happy National Disability Employment Awareness Month Eve!  

  3. Social Security Disability Benefits - Publication of the Week

    Social Security Disability Cover

    Did you know a 20 year old has a 1-in-4 chance of becoming disabled prior to retirement? That’s a pretty scary thought, eh? Thankfully, however, there is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which can help augment lost wages and assist beneficiaries weather the financial storm that comes with a disability.

    Today, our Publication of the Week, the Social Security Administration’s Social Security Disability Benefits, provides an overview and basic information on Social Security disability benefits, including the SSDI program. 

    So, while you may or may not be familiar with SSDI, it and the entire Social Security program has you covered. Because disability can affect anyone, and you never know if and when you’ll be “1-in-4.”

  4. Financial Opportunity for ALL: AFCPE®’s Commitment to the Disability Community

    Rebecca Wiggins Photo

    As a nonprofit professional organization, AFCPE’s mission is to educate financial counselors, coaches and educators in an effort to improve the economic wellbeing of all individuals and families worldwide. One of the most requested continuing education topics among our professionals has been around disabilities and/or families that have an individual with a disability. To us, this comes as no surprise! With the disability community including more than 54 million Americans, it is imperative financial professionals are equipped with the necessary tools to effectively communicate and educate this unique and growing demographic.

    Bridging the Gap

    We are thrilled to partner with National Disability Institute (NDI), an organization who shares in our mission and has the tools to help us bridge this gap. It is a gap that too often occurs in a meeting between a financial professional and a client with disabilities, or their family. It’s a gap that, in some instances, may discourage members of the disability community from reaching out to a financial counselor or coach when issues arise.

    With that in mind, AFCPE and NDI developed a three part webinar series to provide financial professionals with education around the Americans with Disability Act, highlight the variety of available public benefits and community resources, and connect disability service providers and their clients to financial professionals in their local community. The first webinar will take place on October 1, 2014 from 3:00 - 4:00PM. (ET), registration is still open. Webinars will be comprehensive in education, while also providing the opportunity for professionals to ask questions around these very important topics.

    As a supporter of the disability community, we hope you will share this educational opportunity with financial professionals in your community. The training is geared towards all financial professionals and is free and open to anyone who may benefit from this educational opportunity.

    Providing You with Opportunity and Resources

    AFCPE offers a number of resources that can benefit you – either as a professional working in the disability community, a person living with a disability or a caregiver of an individual with a disability.

    Connecting You with the Right Professional:

    If you are looking for a Financial Counselor or Coach, we can help. Our website allows you to search for a professional in your area. We also have a list of virtual counselors, many who specialize in Financial Issues Related to Disabilities and Caring for a Child or Adult with Disabilities.

    Educational Opportunities:

    Our professional counselors, coaches and educators share in our mission and are passionate about providing financial stability and independence for their clients. They are trained to work with each client as individual, which means understanding the unique situations, needs and values of each person. If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) or learning more about other AFCPE designations, please visit our website or contact our Certification Program Coordinator.

    Rebecca Wiggins is the Executive Director of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education® (AFCPE) and holds a Masters of Family Financial Planning from Kansas State University. She is deeply committed to AFCPE’s mission to build, support and ensure the integrity of the personal finance profession and improve the economic well-being of individuals and families worldwide. Connect with AFCPE onLinkedIn,Facebook or on Twitter (@afcpe).

  5. Administration on Aging - Website of the Week


    Happy National Employ Older Workers Week! 

    Did you know, by 2020, it is estimated that workers 55 years and over will make up 25 percent of the U.S. labor force - nearly two times the rate compared to 2000 (13 percent). Furthermore, workers 65 years and older are projected to make up 7 percent of total workforce by 2020 - that’s a lot of baby boomers and eligible retirees working into their “Golden Years!”.

    As such, we have selected the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) Administration on Aging (AoA) as our Website of the Week. A federal agency housed in HHS’ Administration for Community Living, AoA ensures older Americans with and without disabilities have the needed supports to live independently, make their own choices and participate fully in society.

    At a time when 50 percent of all senior citizens have a disability, it is important we provide the tools and support services to not only get a job but have the opportunity to live a happy life and build an even brighter future. The Administration on Aging helps make this dream a reality, during National Employ Older Workers Week and the other 51 weeks of the year!

  6. 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy - Website of the Week

    360 Degrees of Financial Literacy Screenshot

    You’ve heard the saying, “life happens.” Or, at the very least, you’ve heard one or more of the numerous sayings, “(fill in the blank) happens.” Anyway, what we are trying to get at is life is full of ups, downs and its fair share of surprises.

    As is life, your financial situation can also change for better or worse unexpectedly. That is why we have chosen the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants360 Degrees of Financial Literacy as our Website of the Week.

    A tremendous resource for people with and without disabilities. 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy is a free program aimed at helping all Americans better understand their personal finances through every stage of life.

    So, whether you’re a teen, college student, newly employed, married or single, have a disability or a recent retiree, our Website of the Week keeps you in tip-top financial shape whenever “life happens.”      

  7. Staff Recruitment, Retention and Training Strategies for Community Human Services Organizations - Publication of the Week

     Research and Training Center on Community Living Publication Cover

    It’s Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) Week, an opportunity for the entire disability community, advocates and allies to recognize the tireless work, dedication and accomplishments of DSPs nationwide as well as celebrate their vital role and contributions to the community. As such, we have selected The Research and Training Center on Community Living’s Staff Recruitment, Retention and Training Strategies for Community Human Services Organizations as our Publication of the Week.

    Just in case, as a refresher, DSPs’ primary responsibility is to provide support, training, supervision and assistance to people with disabilities. Unfortunately, however, the DSP field is marked by higher-than-average turnover and sometimes less than adequate training. All of which begs the question, “How can people with disabilities be served and assisted if DSPs aren’t adequately trained or have the necessary experience?!” Our Publication of the Week seeks to answer this question by providing effective, research-based strategies that organizations can use to recruit, retain and train DSPs.

    There are only 3 days left in Direct Support Professionals Week, make good use of it by reading this excellent resource. You’ll be glad you did!

  8. Social Security Ticket to Work Program - Website of the Week

    Have you ever meet Ben? No, we aren’t talking about your bff, Ben, nor are we talking about Ben Franklin or the song “Ben”by Michael Jackson, but rather the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) “Ben.” Like many other Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries, Ben wants to improve his financial situation and look for gainful employment options while maintaining SSDI and other federal benefits eligibility.

    Are you like Ben? Then, you may want to check out SSA’s Ticket to Work, it’s our Website of the Week. The Ticket to Work Program gives SSDI beneficiaries access to support services and employment opportunities to increase their wages, resulting in a greater standard of living and, ultimately, leaving the benefit rolls.

    September is all about self improvement; in fact, it’s Self Improvement Month. So, if you have a disability, are on SSDI and want to work toward a more financially independent life, Ticket to Work may be the perfect option for you! 

  9. Cents and Sensibility: A Guide to Money Management for People with Disabilities - Publication of the Week

    PATF Cents and Sensibility Cover

    Everyone needs the financial skills and education to make smarter, more informed financial decisions. That being said, however, people with disabilities have unique needs and circumstances that affect their finances much differently than individuals without disabilities.

    To help, Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) developed Cents and Sensibility: A Guide to Money Management for People with Disabilities. Our Publication of the Week, this booklet, specifically designed for the disability community but beneficial to all people, helps readers build a personal budget, provides financial best practices and assists individuals develop saving and spending plans based on their own needs and wants.

    September is National Self Improvement Month! Take a giant step towards a more financially confident you by reading our Publication of the Week - you’ll be glad you did!


  10. GettingHired.com - Website of the Week


    We are still 3 days out from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics' latest employment status (“August Jobs Report”). However, if the previous trend continues, the report will show people with disabilities continue to find it a challenge entering into and remaining in the workforce.

    As a result, we have selected as our Website of the Week - GettingHired.com. Bridging the gap between job seekers with disabilities and employers looking to hire, the website helps connect well-qualified, skilled workers with disabilities to gainful employment opportunities. 

    So, whether you are just beginning to look for a new job or wanting to kick you job search into high hear, GettingHired.com provides free, secure and accessible employment services to improve employment outcomes for individuals and veterans with disabilities.